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I spent 3 days at Harrah's Cherokee Casino gambling the slot machines. This is a huge place with MANY, MANY slot machines and almost all were being played. (Some machines had people waiting to play.) After three 12 hour shifts I can report that I played almost every type machine there. I also watched my neighbors play and noted the following: NO ONE WINS!!! I saw ONE hand pay of $1000 or so. At any other place I've been, there have been many jackpots and winners (Las Vegas, El Paso, Ruidoso) but only ONE at Cherokee after 3 days!!!!

The machines are so tight that if you are playing a "retrigger" slot machine it will take hundreds of spins (and dollars) to finally catch a "retrigger" but the machines are set to pay off ridiculously low amounts. I had 20 free spins on one machine, (my best of three days playing) and won a total of $22! The newer machines, (Lord of the Rings, *** Wonkel etc) when "retriggered" pay or give the lowest 2 bonuses possible; (5-7 re-spins or $5-20) That's it!!!

If you want to play and contribute ALL of your gambling money to the casino with absolutely no perks, then go to Harrah's Cherokee Casino. If you would like to OCCASSIONALLY win go ANYWHERE else. I know I'll never return and they could have had a loyal customer for years.

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This reviewer shared experience about "casino greed" and wants this business to "how about loosening up the machines. i know you spent big bucks rennovating the place. it looks nice but what about return gamblers? you lost me!". This person is overall dissatisfied with Harrahs. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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If your dumb enough to play against a machine, then you deserve to lose. ***!!

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